Why We All Secretly Love Kim Kardashian

Why We All Secretly Love Kim Kardashian

kimTake an objective look at Kim Kardashian and you’ll see an individual who managed to take the smallest bit of fame and continuously parlay the opportunity into greater fame. She has been so successful at this; her fame has reached a point that Kardashian has become a near-mainstay phrase in entertainment conversations.

It’s not crazy. Look closely and you see it’s the work of genius in the leagues of Pablo Picasso and William Shakespeare.

Kardashian is not famous for being famous. She’s famous because she curated and successfully developed her fame. That is her talent and it is an art.

People mock her looks, her actions, and her words. If the intent is to develop her fame, the guise of stupidity creates the planned outcome. Many enjoy the self-built pedestal they can stand on by comparing their actions to hers.

Her story bits, memorable and easy to opinion, give the storyteller value and turn the audience into storytellers –perpetuating the cycle.

Why Most People Will Never Be Famous.

If you asked somebody how they would become famous – without stealing from of another (bank robberies and assassinations are out) – they’d likely have no clue. Their response would be something to the effect of:

“But I don’t want to be famous”

This is an excuse. If you were offered fame on a platter, you’d dive at it.

“But I don’t want to be famous at such a cost. I have principles. “

This is another excuse – you are unsure of the cost/reward structure and are unwilling to take a risk to find out what it is.

The Art of Creating Fame

As a 10 year old kid, Kim was just old enough to feel the weight of her parents’ divorce. If you were 10 and your mom remarried just 1 month after the divorce, your life would detonate.

By 14, she’s a middle school student caught in the whirlwind of the O.J. Simpson trial – her father a part of Simpson’s defense team – her reputation with classmates and teachers forever changed.

Out to Dinner in Prague
Out to Dinner in Prague May, 2014

At 19, Kim eloped with a music producer. She uses the new social circles to get a gig on Paris Hilton’s reality show – she was Hilton’s bitch.

Another relationship created a leaked sex tape. With theatrics, her family helped create enough a curiosity to secure their own reality show.

It doesn’t end there: add in a marriage turned disaster with an NBA player, the birth of a baby, and a marriage to the father: Kanye West.

She has thrust herself into the dome of the Truman show.

And we are all watching.

Helping others cull your fame is an art. Marylyn Monroe did it. Clare Booth Luce did too. These artists DO things, they act, they interlope, and they get the public’s attention. The world is literally their stage. They get people talking about them. 50 years from now will society look back on Kim Kardashian as the 21st century’s Marilyn Monroe?

Kardashian has finessed all parts of her life – her stories, her relationships, and her actions – towards the becoming of an enigma.

That I admire.