In Defense of Satire

In Defense of Satire

Go on. Write a satire.

I’ve always been fond of satires ability to bring everyone together in laughter.

I often find myself- a white guy- reading online opinion pieces, not really sure who’s right or what part you might be able to play in the story? If you have any semblance of a moral compass, you know what’s wrong.  Observing injustice with a humorous eye- speaking in a tongue and cheek tone- you can write a satire.

Now you can write about anything, it’s all fair game. Pretend that those injustices are your point of view. Boom. Satire.

You’ll get someone every now and then who simply doesn’t get it. Or even somebody who is offended by what you say. That’s the point. By using a satirical voice to highlight the injustices in the world, a debate is born. Get people to exchange ideas. If that happens, you’ve done your job.

If we’ve learned anything from CNN- People aren’t going to click on your link unless you’ve got some sort of a really outrageous headline. You’re not being an idiot- you’re one of the good guys.

Yes, there’s already a lot of satire out there, but I propose that there be even more satire. Because the pressing issues of our time are far too important to be taken seriously. Like rising inequality, the question of post-racial racism, that whole gender thing and the constant back and forth about privilege. It’s really difficult to make serious, intelligent arguments about any of this stuff. So why bother? Just say something crazy and laugh it off as a satire. Because it’s really, very funny.


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