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Everyday Life

Everyday Life

Listen as Carl Sagan shares what is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits. This will change your life perspective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PN5JJDh78I

  What can you do to learn more effectively? Here are 7 things that can help you in your journey. 1. Form the habit of learning...

Reddit users shared some of their most brilliant-yet slightly unethical- life hacks they've tried. Want a free hotel room? There's a way. Calling in...

Not getting enough sleep is a problem. You're missing out on long-term success, daily productivity, and overall happiness. It's time to break the cycle. Here's how!

For some time the project remained a secret. A short six-minute film that began development and wasn't completed until Roy Disney (Walt's nephew) brought it back to life and released it a full 58 years later.

A spontaneous road trip teaches an unexpected life lesson.

Focus on forming the habit first. Once you do this, you can find joy in exercising regularly.

I followed advice found in a 77 year old book. What happened next changed everything.

It's like a foreign language. But now it might not be so difficult to learn...

Listening is one of the most underutilized tools for improving our relationships be they with those we know or strangers we hope to connect...

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