6 Things an Introvert can do to Improve their Job Prospects

6 Things an Introvert can do to Improve their Job Prospects

I’m a recovering introvert. It’s something I’ve been working on for years. You’d never know when meeting me, but I’m usually incredibly uncomfortable- almost petrified- during networking events and interviews.  I saw early on that this could become a long-term challenge to my career and needed to take the necessary steps to “just get over it.”

Breaking out of my shell, I wrote down tricks that have helped me along the way. I thought I would share.

Learn to Flip the Switch670px-Change-Your-Whole-Personality-Step-4-Version-2

This may sound like I’m saying “Just don’t be nervous”- easier said than done.  Once you master putting on your professional mask, everything becomes much easier.  When you walk into a networking event- flip the switch on. The second you leave- you’re free to flip it off, light up a smoke, or do whatever you please. Just get through it.

It helps to change your pattern of thinking.  Give yourself a pep-talk in the mirror to help get into character- become Spiderman for a few hours.

Approach Interviews Like A Conversation

As a writer, I’ve conducted interviews with professors, students, and CEO’s.  Having recently graduated college, I’ve also been on the other side of interviews. Both sides of the interview still make me nervous.  Will I ask the right questions? Will I answer the questions correctly? What if they don’t like the way I speak? I’ve found that the key to conquering this fear is to remove the weight of the situation from the equation.  Just treat it like any other conversation*.

*Not a conversation with your roommate- don’t talk about how drunk you got last weekend.

Dress Well

If you look great, you feel great.

Always carry a brief case of portfolio as well. It’ll help showcase your organization skills, keep your notes/papers in order, and give you something to do with your hands other than fidget while you’re speaking.



Make Sure You Do Your Research

Another key to confidence- be prepared.  Know what companies you want to see at the fair and know everything about them.  If it helps, jot down some notes and review them before you approach a company representative.  The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be going in.

Have your Elevator Pitch Ready & Memorized

Nothing is more important than that post-introduction self description.  Run it by your roommate, friend, or even your parents; just DO NOT go into a networking event without a pre-prepared brief speech about yourself.

This should only include a one sentence for each below:

-Your history (What brought you to this point in your life?)

-Your work experience.

-What you are looking for.

-One interesting bit about yourself (In order to express your personality a tad.)

Never stop learning. You'll pick up things where you least expect.