10 Tricks To Learn Something New Quickly

10 Tricks To Learn Something New Quickly

Setting time aside time to learn a new skill is difficult, but all too important.  Whether learning this skill is for a job, or simply just for fun- continuing to learn new things and broaden your skill set is essential to remaining mentally fit and essential to society.  The following are ten simple tips that can help you master a new skill efficiently.


1.) Be Confident

Self-confidence is the drive that motivates people to learn new things, irrespective of how tough the beginning might be. Believe it’s a possibility, and that you can do it while keeping realistic goals in mind.

 2.) DIY—Do It Yourself

Before you jump into taking classes or reading books, begin by trying it out yourself using trial-and-error. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; even if you do, understand they are inevitable and part of the learning process.

 3.) Do One Thing At A Time

Choose to learn one or two things at a time, no more. Learning many things simultaneously will end up getting you confused. Studies have proven time and again that multitasking results in less effective learning.  When you concentrate on one thing at t a time, you become very effective.goal setting

4.) Set A Target

Already you want to learn it as quickly as possible.  So you need to decide what you want to achieve within a specified time. How long will you spend learning it? How and when would you apply what you have learned? Set a goal and try to reach it within the specified time.

5.) Memorize It

This tip works best if you are learning something abstract. If you are learning a new song, poem, formula, or an anthem, try to rehearse and repeat it frequently. If you are learning a new language, memorize and speak every new word you learn. In order to ensure you don’t eventually forget what you memorized, sneak the skill into basic everyday life- frequent use will help keep your knowledge of the skill sharp.

6.) Teach Others

Look for people to share your knowledge on the new skill with. Teaching others the little you know is one of the best ways to improve your knowledge on any subject. Allow them to ask questions and you will be surprised at how much extra knowledge you will gain.

20hours7.) Practice It Daily

Another great tip is to practice it daily. The more time you spend practicing, the quicker you learn. Also implement it in your daily activities and try to relate it with things around you. Practice what you’ve learned or you may lose it.

While still learning, it may also help to set aside an allotted amount of time everyday to work on improving.

8.) Write It

In clear and concise language, write down your skill and what goes into it.  If you’re trying to learn how to sing, write down the different muscles in the vocal cords and how they function.  Writing in terms you can understand will help you break it down and remember the simplicities of the skill.

 9.) Cramming

We’ve all crammed for exams or projects at work  It may not be the most effective way to learn, but it can be surprising how the pressure of time constraints can force you to focus.  If time is a serious factor in learning a new skill, try fitting your learning into 2-3 hour cramming sessions. Review what you learned during a later time.

 10.) Dedicate Yourself

It’s no secret that the key to learning something new is to really want it. Dedicate yourself to this idea and clearly understand the benefits of learning something new.


Never stop learning. You'll pick up things where you least expect.